So it’s about 95 degrees outside, you just woke up and you finally have a day off from work. While scrolling through your phone for any social media updates you see that your best friend asks you to come over for a relaxing day by her family’s pool. Of course, you accept and quickly brush your teeth and cleanse your face, but which bathing suit do you wear? If you’re anything like me you have about 80 (kind of exaggerating) so it’s almost impossible to decide. You want to wear something that will make you look as tan as possible and that isn’t too fidgety.

This Fashionista hit the nail right on the head with this perfect pool day outfit. Pairing her white and neon halter graffiti bikini from Victoria’s Secret with a taupe crochet off-the-shoulder cover-up. I’m totally loving her cream flip flops from PacSun. They are casual yet add a little more interest to her pool day look with the knot on the strap. She even added a little surprise to this look with her blue flower earrings. This Fashionista has a great pool day bag that is the perfect yellow for the hot summer months. This bag is great for a pool day because it is large enough to fit a good book, your favorite sunglasses, sunscreen and even a change of clothes if you are running out to grab some lunch like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: Are you going to the beach instead of the pool? No problem! For a hot beach day I would suggest adding an oversized, floppy hat to this look for extra protection from the sun. Think about throwing a couple of beach towels into your bag as well and of course your iPhone to capture some pictures of your exciting beach day! Have fun with any adventure you might embark this summer; style is everywhere, even inside of you.