While it may be easy to fall into a summer rut of wearing anything that keeps you from sweating, the summer offers plenty of new style options that the winter months won’t allow. This Fashionista is taking full advantage of this, preparing an outfit that shows attention to detail but is simple enough to pull together on a sweltering summer day. She does an excellent job at keeping the look luxe and casual at the same time.

Rompers like this one from Urban Outfitters are great as go-to pieces because, like dresses, they form a complete outfit. Unlike dresses, they have shorts or pants that allow for some more freedom and security when moving. As for the print, if there is any type of pattern automatically associated with the summer, it’s the floral print. It brings to mind images of sunshine and flourishing life. The pattern is summery and pleasant, with the color keeping it toned down as far as floral prints go. A similar floral would look just as fresh in delicate pastels or bold neons.

The gold key necklace is a simple addition that maintains the idea of a quick summer outfit. It does not need to be anything flashy; it can just be an everyday necklace you might wear regularly. The Coach purse is another quick, simple addition to a look. The cross-body style keeps it out of your way, and the size lets you avoid the typical oversized tote bags that somehow pop up everywhere this time of year.

The rest of the look may be fairly casual, but the shoes do a good job at elevating the look just enough to approach, but not exceed, a resort style standard. These white platform sandals are a fresh addition to the outfit, highlighting the white flower pattern of the romper.

One Simple Change: The short romper with a chunky platform shoe will certainly help give the appearance of mile long legs, whether you have them or not. But when you’re marching around on the weekend, you can easily opt for a similar style flat sandal. The whole look is great for throwing on quickly to go out, and the flats will help make it a pain-free weekend.