July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is in full swing, so dressing the part is essential during the warmer months. Tons of sun and high temperatures are no excuse to not be fashionable. Summer is the perfect time to be carefree and have fun, so your clothes should be just as fun as you are.

Due to the high temperatures and the hot sun, it is best to stay away from thick fabrics and tight clothing. The thicker the material of your clothes, the more uncomfortable you will feel. In order to keep cool throughout the summer and still look fashionable, stick to light and breezy clothes.

I spotted this Fashionista exemplifying the perfect summer outfit. This Fashionista stuck with loose clothes that let her skin breath. Her black romper is a great option for any summer day. A romper could be act as the basis for layering or can act as a cover-up for a day at the beach. Rompers are great for the summer because they look stylish without weighing you down.

Another summer staple is the kimono. The kimono acts as a way to cover up when it gets a little chilly during those long summer nights. It’s easy and breezy and can add spice to any boring outfit. When deciding on which kimono to wear, make sure to pick out kimonos in bold colors and interesting and intricate patterns. Patterned kimonos add boho flavors to any bland outfit. This Fashionista paired a patterned magenta kimono with a basic black romper to add color to her outfit.

In order to protect your face from the hot summer sun, make sure to wear a floppy hat like the one this Fashionista is wearing. Floppy hats are a great accessory for the summer because they look stylish and the wide brim also protects your beautiful face from the harsh summer sun! She also added another pop of color through her bright statement necklace. When wearing statement necklaces in the summer, make sure to wear brighter colors to add more dimension to an outfit.

Since it is the summer, don’t go too crazy with the shoes. Instead, opt for comfortable shoes that will be great for those summer adventures. The tan shoes this Fashionista is wearing tie her whole outfit together. The shoes can be worn with anything and for any event, whether it’s a summer music festival or a day exploring a new city.

One Simple Change: Take this outfit from a summer outfit to something more brunch appropriate by switching out the sneakers for a pair of wedges and the kimono for a cardigan.