Summer seems to be the rebirth of every college student’s life. No longer are they pulling all-nighters, drooling on desks or trying to memorize chapters of textbooks. Instead plane tickets are being bought, internships are being experienced and ice cream cones are being devoured. Summer is the chance to break free, have fun and of course wear all the cutest summer outfits we possibly can.

This Fashionista’s outfit is like sprinkles on a cupcake—everything about it is perfect. My favorite thing about this outfit is her soft summer color scheme which gives her the perfect summer look. This Fashionista wears the very popular halter crop top that you can find on every girl’s must-have list and in every girl’s shopping bag. They are versatile, flattering and you can easily pair them up with just about any bottom. This Fashionista decided to pair hers up with a baby blue floral midi skirt and belted it up with a simple brown belt for the extra pop of detail. Since the summer brings in very hot weather, this Fashionista’s outfit will keep her cool and collected, allowing her to go about her day without any issue.

Another great detail that makes this outfit perfect is her New Balance sneakers. Normally a midi skirt would be paired with flats, heels or sandals, but this Fashionista opted for these bad boys. They immediately take her outfit to the next level and she pulls off a level of comfort that everyone dreams to achieve. It’s the perfect combination of a feminine tomboy style.

One Simple Change: If you’re heading out for brunch, you can always change the sneakers for a simple pair of fishermen jellies.