It is often thought that people who live down here in the sunshine state have it great and are living the dream life forever on a tropical getaway. While this is sometimes true (and we live for those days) other times we aren’t so lucky. Despite our state’s nickname, the summer usually means rain and lots of it. We can throw on as much neon tropical print as we please and hope that our killer shades will summon the sun, but there comes a time when we all must face the truth and dress for the weather.

Whenever it’s raining I tend to feel lazy and therefore I throw on some leggings and a flannel and call it a day. Instead of letting the dreary weather rain on his fashion parade, the Fashionisto shown decided to bring out his best rain apparel. Even though the colors of this look mimic the colors of the unfortunately gray sky, this outfit is anything but dreary.

There are so many details to look at in this outfit but it somehow all still comes together so effortlessly. I swear by a neutral palette in all of my looks and this Fashionisto seems to do the same thing. His look stays collected but still interesting because he stuck to accessories in earth toned hues and layered them like crazy. The necklaces and bracelets all have a vintage vibe and really add some depth to his ensemble. He put the classic plastic rain boot to shame with his killer brown leather boots, perfect for the weather and still wonderfully stylish. Finally, he even uses the umbrella as an accessory because you have to carry it so you might as well rock it right? Overall, this look has changed my opinion on rainy day attire and next time it rains (which will probably be today) the leggings are staying in my pajama drawer where they belong and my favorite outfit is coming out to play.

One Simple Change: Did Florida finally decide to actually be sunny after a day of rain? No problem here! Take off the button down and you’ll have a tank top that is perfect for the Florida heat. Make sure to take that bandana off your arm and put it around your head to keep your hair out of your face and you are ready to enjoy the sun!