If you happen to be from Northern Virginia, you know some of the best places to grab a bite to eat are by the water. Old Town, Alexandria has some of the best restaurants and ice cream shops. Although, every single person from the Metropolitan area knows what you really go to Old Town is for the view. With a view of D.C. and Maryland, you’re sure to stay a while. You’re guaranteed to spot a few Fashionistas and Fashionistos during your trip to Old Town. So, what do you wear for a day full of food, fun and a lot of walking?

This Fashionista wears a white chiffon top with lace trimming. She proves that you can definitely wear black in the summer by pairing her white top with black high-waisted shorts. She wears a pair of black gladiator styled sandals to go with her black and white look. Adding some color to her classy outfit, she wears a brown leather hobo bag. This Fashionista completes her outfit with a touch of pink lipstick and a pair of studs.

Not only does this Fashionista look great in a black and white look, our Fashionisto does too. Keeping it mostly black and white, this Fashionisto wears a white T-shirt by DURKL, which is a local Washington D.C. menswear store that closed its doors. He pairs his T-shirt with a pair of black pants from Zara. The most eye-catching part of this Fashionisto’s outfit is his shoes. He wears a pair of Apollo Moc’s in blue, which he purchased from Native.

Follow this Fashionista and Fashionisto and you will be sure to have an outfit that is fit for a day of fun.

One Simple Change: Did you want to stay out a little longer? Did you fall in love with all of the little shops and decide to stay for a fancy dinner? You could turn your look into the perfect outfit for a date night by following a few simple steps. Fashionistas, switch your gladiator styled sandals for a pair of nude heeled sandals. Fashionistos, switch your sneakers for a pair of navy suede oxfords and throw on a light cardigan. You’ll be date night ready in seconds!