WHAT TO WEAR: Stylishly Braving the Winter

Well, it’s the beginning of a new semester, and we all know what that means for a Fashionista. When it’s the first day of classes, we all want to look our best. Walking around campus, you want to be seen, comfortable, but stylish. I found one super stylish young college woman rocking a casual look for a day of classes. She possessed all of the qualities of comfortable and stylish. She is a second semester senior majoring in journalism and mass communication, with street style inspiration from her native city, New York.

This fashionista was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a bold, hooded fur coat, and a pair of high-top Nike’s to top it off. To accessorize, she wore a set of on-trend chokers, which I totally wanted to take and wear myself. She was in a rush headed to class, but her style was so eye-catching that I just had to stop her. I asked her about her style, and she mentioned to me that this was just a simple, everyday look for her.

What I loved most about this outfit was that it can easily be worn from one class to another. The sneakers are very comfortable, and the hooded fur coat was the best fashionable way to stay warm in the 40 degree weather. With a makeup-free look, the gold chokers were simple, yet eye-catching for her head-to-toe look. So, if you’re looking for a blueprint for your winter wardrobe, this Fashionista’s style is the way to go. Even in the winter, I promise you’ll be turning heads.