WHAT TO WEAR: Stylish and Studious

March 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Stylish and Studious

With this rather unpredictable weather we have been experiencing in the northeast, it’s easy to get discouraged with knowing exactly what to wear to attend your daily classes. But have no fear, this Fashionista will show you how to look trendy for class with a few go-to staple items.

Practical clothing is necessary when you want to feel both put-together and comfortable enough to execute all of your daily activities. On this particular day, the sun was shining, but the wind remained rather unforgiving and left this Fashionista asking herself the daily question: Is it cold enough for my ‘puffer’? Luckily, the sun’s rays provided just enough heat for her to leave that winter coat at home. Instead, this is the look she put together.

First, she grabbed a staple cropped hoodie in a neutral black tone which provided sporty-chic vibes. Although it’s rather simple, it’s a great go-to piece that’s especially perfect for those fast paced walks across campus in between classes. She paired the top with her favorite multi-neutral pattern joggers with a mix of gray, white, and black colors. Although they appear to be workout pants, they are actually super soft and allow the look to have a more relaxed feel.

To add a pop of both color and texture, this Fashionista laced up her look with her Superstar Adidas tennis shoes. This brand has made a major comeback in the last year and it seems that just about everyone owns a pair. However, the splash of metallic gold on the recognizable striped logo adds a flare of originality. Not only do these kicks give the look a trendy touch, but they also provide a functional footwear option.

As for accessories, the simplistic theme was carried out here as well. This Fashionista topped off her look with a few dainty gold touches. Her two Alex and Ani bracelets sit delicately on her wrist and her nameplate necklace with a “C” engraved on it lays softly on her sweatshirt. To carry her books, she utilized a large navy Longchamp tote which adds a bit of sophistication.