Studying Style

If you’re like me, you either just have been or might still be cramming for a statistics final…or pulling an all-nighter in hopes of finishing a class strong. It’s been a busy time of year for all college students, but that doesn’t mean your fashion should suffer for it! Here’s a look I love that’s fashion-forward, comfortable, and perfect for a study date.

I love the look pictured because it can be easily dressed up with a statement necklace and a cute pair of wedges, or dressed down with a cardigan and a comfy pair of flats. In the spirit of finals week, I chose to dress down. I paired my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans with a layered, loose-fittibg tank top. I love this combination because it’s fashionable, super comfortable, and practical for all things academia without having to resort to sweatpants and a hoodie. I also added a gray ruffled cardigan (just in case, to keep me warm on a rainy day). To finish the look, I went with silver glitter boat shoes—they’re studious, and they add the topping-off-touch of sparkle to bring some brilliance to the look.

During the time of year when you’re limited on time, this cool-but-casual look is, in my opinion, the perfect outfit. A simple, comfortable, trendy outfit may be just the outfit you need to make it through finals week, or any study session!

Any other stylin’ studying ideas you’d suggest? Post a comment below or a social media post and tag @CFashionista and show of your studying style inspo!