WHAT TO WEAR: Student Meeting

January 27th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Student Meeting

It’s snowing in Toronto and finding an outfit that’s cute, warm, and won’t get butchered by the weather is crucial. This Fashionisto has checked all the boxes with his cozy outfit for heading to his student meeting.

He’s paired a basic off-white turtleneck with light-wash skinny jeans to bring light to the look and, of course, warmth as it’s super cold and snowy. The long grey coat is the perfect edition to dress up the outfit and add an element of formality. Specifically, the shoulder of the coat has the perfect shape that if you threw it on your pajamas, it would still be a look.

There is no way to travel around campus without a killer backpack and this Fashionisto’s backpack fits the criteria. The bold rectangle shape of the backpack does all the talking. The backpack really catches the eye with the sharp structure and jet black color. The most interesting part or the coolest element of this outfit it the super cute rose pin on the sweater. It’s a tiny detail but it brings a fun element to the outfit, and frankly who doesn’t love a good pin to add some personality and edge to an outfit.

On the topic of edge, these amazing lace up black Dr. Martens boots are incredible for the slushy snowy weather. They also work to give the outfit an element of grunge to offset the neutral and classic outfit.

All in all, this outfit is the perfect mix of casual and formal for a student meeting.