WHAT TO WEAR: Stay Comfy, But Cute!

“What to wear?” is a question we all ask ourselves on the regular. We might not even notice it, and I’m sure most of us can agree that we complain about not having any clothes while there is a closet full of many different options. But stay calm, it’s totally normal. I go through about 10 different outfit ideas for class in my head. I’m always taking into consideration that I need to be comfortable, but cute! Class can get pretty chilly so I need most of my body to be covered.

One day I spotted this Fashionista rocking her denim distressed overalls. Bingo, was the word that popped up in my head. Overalls, how could I forget about overalls? They are super easy to throw over anything. Here, this Fashionista is wearing it over a detailed tank while her lace bralette peeks through which adds a sexy detail. For more of a variation, she decided to unbuckle one side of the overall and left it to hang a bit which gives her overall look a laid back feel. The little puff ball on her bag not only adds character, but it is nostalgic feature in the sense that it was a graduation gift from high school.

Rolling up the bottoms of her denim overalls and pairing it with leather black and white flats, this Fashionista was off to class in no time. Not only is the outfit cute and comfortable, but it is extremely easy to switch up any day.