WHAT TO WEAR: Springing Forward

I feel hesitant to wish you all a happy spring, considering it’s only the beginning of March, but it’s so nice out that I can’t help but feel like spring is upon us! Regardless, I hope you all have been able to soak up some of this nice weather that we have been blessed with at the moment.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that this Fashionista is totally rocking some spring fashion here at Kent State. I admire her willingness to layer leading up to spring, considering most people see that as a fall trend. While layering in the fall might be a little easier, there are so many ways to show off that you’re ready for spring by layering a nice ribbed knit long sleeve with a light weight cropped sweater!

As far as the rest of this look goes, I’m sure you can all imagine that I am in love if you’ve read any of my past articles. I have always been someone that likes a little color, so this mustard yellow top adds a little bit of a pop to an outfit that could’ve so easily been left alone as just a white cropped sweater. And, of course, who wouldn’t die over these outfit details? I don’t think this Fashionista could’ve picked a more perfect necklace to complement her look.

Seeing there is a lot of knit work going on up top, this Fashionista decided to spice this look up with a sparkly Marchesa (OMG moment, I know) tassel necklace. The undertones of the tassels and the jewels around it tie in so well with the color of the mustard top—it was as if those two pieces were made for each other! To top off a spring ready look, this Fashionista was able to break out her adorable polka-dot flats from Banana Republic. I love the color of this flat because it can so easily be paired with a versatile wardrobe given its neutrality.

With all that being said, I am actually praying that we don’t have to pack away our cropped sweaters and flirty flats again until next winter! I am already way too ready for spring.