WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

Spring is here and that means sunshine, warmer weather, and, of course, spring break! Whether you’re going home or going on a trip with your friends, knowing what to pack can be a struggle. We all think we’re going to be proactive and not wait until the night before, that never happens. Many of the best outfits come from bringing together a couple of staple pieces with a trendy twist on them.

This Fashionista went for a fun nautical look. My favorite part of her outfit is her top. From the front, it looks like a normal striped flowy T-shirt, but in the back she has a really cute subtle lace-up detail. Lace-up detailing is very on-trend right now, whether it be in shoes, sweaters, or T-shirts, people are going crazy for the effortless look. She wore a classic pair of blue jeans that she cuffed to show off her gold toned shoes. These type of shoes are great for the spring and summer seasons.

Espadrilles are another item in her look that is on-trend. You may not have realized it, but these types of shoes very quietly made their way back on the fashion scene within the past year. They are lightweight and easy to pair with almost anything. Espadrilles come in a variety of flats, wedges, and chunky heels. I love how this Fashionista styled her jewelry. Most of her pieces were a mix of gold and silver, but it all was cohesive and really tied in with her gold espadrilles. It gave the vibe of effortlessly chic and brought the look together.

Needless to say, this Fashionista rocked this look! Her ability to bring together fun, trendy pieces shows off how to bring what’s on the runway to spring break.