The eternal dreaded winter seems to have finally left New York City for good. My school’s Spring Break has begun and I’ll be escaping the city for a little while for a tropical vacation. However, I know I will miss how New Yorkers dress for spring because they do have many tricks under their sleeves.  This week, I captured a Fashionista full of youthful exuberance to show you how she styles a spring-ready outfit. Perhaps this can help us transition the lovely weather change and say goodbye to outerwear.

It’s no doubt that the key piece to her look is the long duster cardigan. This lightweight knit is easy to throw on over any outfit in mind. Its length is tricky to make look flattering but the Fashionista pulls it off with a matching pair of black skinny jeans. She wears a striped top as the most easygoing print option. The Fashionista plays with length again in her gray knit scarf instead of wrapping it around her neck. For shoes, she rocks the adidas superstar sneakers which I featured in last week’s post, as well! Of course, her monochromatic look isn’t complete without a splash of color in the structured orange cross-body bag.

Hope everyone has a great kickoff start to April and a wonderful Spring Break! I will definitely be on the hunt for more refreshing spring looks and trends. Stay tuned!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dressing differently makes me feel good and confident.”