April 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all know the saying, “April showers brings May flowers,” and can rest assured that the weather won’t be too bad in March. But something needs to be said about spring in London, because showers don’t hold off until April—they power all the way through from January to March. While it has been a mild year for the Brits, you can never be so sure about the weather. For example, my friends and I planned a whole day of fun at Hyde Park, complete with a picnic lunch and sports day. All the days leading up to the event were fine, but of course, on the day of fun the weather was not so springy. Our sports day consisted of about 13 of us running (more like sliding) around on a muddy field, attempting to kick a soccer ball without falling face first into a mud pit. When the wind wasn’t carrying our ball to the Timbuktu, the sky was pelting us with hail and rain. I have never experience such a “springy” sports day before.

Luckily, I spotted this Fashionista on a drier day here in London. While it is not yet sunny every day, it has its warmer moments. This Fashionista used this warmer day to work her spring attire. She paired black jeans with an airy white blouse. The blouse had wide sleeves with fine detailing. Her booties were a rustic brown and gave her a pep in step. To accessorize, she carried a medium-brown tote from Italy and rocked her black-rimmed glasses. Her final detail was a simple silver ring on her right hand.

This Fashionista’s carefree and trendy outfit was the perfect way to ring in spring in the city. If you want to step up your outfit game, take a few pointers from this stylish chick!

One Simple Change: Let’s say you are running errands all day in this cute outfit and don’t have time to change for a 21st birthday celebration. What’s a girl to do? Exchange those booties for some sleek heels and the tote for a fabulous clutch, and you are ready to go!