March is finally here, and I’m sure all of us in the northern states are looking forward to this change of pace in the weather. It’s been a gray winter, and the spring sun is starting to show itself here and there. It’s easy to forget how to dress for spring weather when you have never-ending winters like we do in Michigan.

When it comes to springtime, you want something that is light but also something to keep you warm when the temperature drops in the afternoon. Spring is the time when you pull out all of your favorite skirts and dresses that have been hiding in storage for a couple months that you have totally forgotten about.

This Fashionista is feeling super brave with her bare legs, and I give her credit for rocking this spring look. Her outfit focus is the animal print A-line dress that is to die for. She also knows better when getting dressed that she needs to make sure she has a warm cardigan on to make it through the walks to school. The black kitten heels with the lace tie-ups make the look very chic and professional, as well. She also knows that the sun reflecting off the snow has the possibility to blind you, so she added some cat eye sunglasses. The final touch to the look was the bright red lipstick, because everyone knows that red and leopard are a match made in heaven.

One Simple Change: In the small chance that you have a presentation due in class that day and you want to keep that spring feel but add a bit more professionalism, just switch out the dress for a cotton pencil skirt on bottom and a tank top and blazer on top. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your colors because this winter is finally coming to an end.