Thankfully, going to school in the South allows for a warmer winter than most. Despite the usual winter, these part months have seemed harsher than normal. However, this week at USC, Mother Nature provided an absolutely beautiful week. It was hot with a cool breeze and sunny skies for days. Students began to shed their layers of winter and changed from heavy jackets that covered their outfits to showing off the latest trends. Most people, myself included, have been taking full advantage of the warmth by wearing shorts, short sleeve shirts and sandals.

This Fashionista definitely used the beginning of spring to her advantage. The playful colors and patterns of her outfit really evoke the feelings of the warmer months. Her loose, knit shirt is breathable and allows for her to stay comfortable in the hot temperatures. She pairs her bright top with a pair of white patterned jeans and a chunky brown belt. Her jeans make leaving for class early in the morning bearable, all while making sure she will be comfortable by the time the afternoon rolls around. The whimsical pattern of her pants welcomes spring and adds character to her ensemble.

She completes the look by adding fun bracelets, strappy wedges and an incomparable hairstyle. The little details of her outfit, such as her bracelets and hairstyle, set her apart from others and create a special individuality in her fashion.

This Fashionista is ready for any spring occasion with this charming yet effortless look. It is fun and girly but at the same time refined and graceful!

One Simple Change: Exchange the wedges for sandals, and you will create a more casual look in which you can attend class or a quick shopping trip with the girls.