Spring is in full bloom, and for many students, it is their favorite season of the year. The temperatures are comfortable, the campus is abundant with flowers and, most importantly, the semester is coming to a close. For us Fashionistas, spring means that is time to bring out a whole new wardrobe filled with lightweight sweaters and pastel-colored dresses. With the abrupt change of seasons that occurred this year, it can be hard to figure out what to wear when getting dressed on busy weekday mornings. If you are in need of some spring fashion inspiration, we can definitely turn to this Fashionista.

This Fashionista sports a light blue, striped off-the-shoulder dress paired with a red tote bag. The dress is effortlessly chic, and it is sure to keep her both cool and stylish on a warm spring day. This dress also features a red, floral embroidered pattern, creating a focal point of the outfit. She carries a red tote bag, which not only perfectly matches the red embroidery on the dress, but contributes to the overall cohesiveness of the look.

With the dress and bag being the focal points of this ensemble, it is important that the shoes and accessories are kept neutral. This Fashionista rocks a pair of tan, suede lace-up sandals. The heel is low enough that they are great to wear to class and walk around campus. The accessories are simple and subtle, yet significantly add to the look. With the dress being off-the-shoulder, two thin gold chain necklaces are just the right amount of detail. A chic watch, a handmade blue suede wrap, and delicate rings are the finishing touches to the stylish vibe of the ensemble. This Fashionista knows that before heading out the door on a sunny, spring day, always grab a pair of leopard print sunglasses!

This spring look is effortless and versatile; a great choice to wear to class or on the weekend. Throw on a jean jacket if the temperature starts to get chilly at night, or swap the sandals for a pair of wedges if you are headed to brunch with your friends. Create a focal point of the look by choosing a dress with floral detailing and a pop of bold color. Make sure to keep the accessories and shoes neutral in order to keep your look from becoming too busy. With these simple tips, your wardrobe will be ready for spring in no time!