Many of us traveled very far to escape the frigid weather of the Midwest. It’s almost as if we each returned with a pocketful of sunshine because we were welcomed back to warm weather. It is just as hot and sunny here as it in Punta Cana, Mexico and South Padre! Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Regardless, we have truly been ushered into spring! It feels like eternal spring break if you take out all the school work. That’s why everyone, like this Fashionista, is out on the quad and dressed like it’s summer in mid-March.

For Notre Dame students, anything above 60 degrees is a heat wave, so it’s time to show some skin. This Fashionista is doing just that. My favorite thing about her outfit is definitely her top. It screams “spring.” From the flower patterns to the pops of color, it is rather eye-catching in the sun.

I am also a big fan of her lace skirt. I often say that lace is timeless. Although we see less of it in the cold seasons, I also believe that it can worn every season. Nonetheless, it is most ideal in the spring and summer. Her white skirt complements her blouse very nicely. It spruces up the navy blue of the blouse and harmonizes with its bright patterns.

She finished up her look with a pair of silver sandals and a brown purse. Her neutral accessories easily blend in with the rest of her outfit.

One Simple Change: Taking this look from day to night? Trade in your flat sandals for a pair of heeled sandals. You can also replace your purse with a cute clutch.