Deadlines, caffeine, stress and sleep deprivation. These are a few things college students know all too well, particularly in the months of April and May. Although these months may not seem to favor us in regards to our work load, they tend to gift us with warmer temperatures and light breeze, which is perfect for “quad chilling'” here at JMU. While keeping up with school work is a priority, knowing how to dress for the transition from winter to spring is just as important. This Fashionisto teaches us how to do it well.

This Fashionisto keeps his look minimal, exuding composure and comfort by only using three key pieces. The first is his long sleeve sweater. This item sets the base for his outfit, establishing the minimal aspect of the look, while at the same time protecting him from the chill of the breeze.  The second are his black slip-ons. By choosing to stick to black, the ensemble maintains its polished look. Let’s not forget: easy to put on and visually appealing are two characteristics that apply to any pair of great shoes, particularly to these. Third, this Fashionisto’s black belt ties the whole look together by adding a sense of consistency and connecting the two halves of the outfit.

Although the mentioned pieces are key to this outfit, there is one final detail that makes this look noteworthy. By rolling the ends of his sleeves and pants, this Fashionisto provides a frame for his look. The slight difference in color adds interest and provides the perfect finishing touch.

One Simple Change: As the temperature rises, long sleeves can become a sweat-inducing hassle. To avoid this, trade your long sleeve for your favorite T-shirt and instantly change this look from spring to summer.