This Fashionista’s style is simple with a fun twist. She is showing off her new black jumpsuit and a custom made jean vest. As most of you already know, fashion always repeats itself and jumpsuits are making a comeback.

This jumpsuit is perfect for spring, especially paired with the black lace-up sandals. These sandals are perfect for those spring days that you are adventuring around, or just hanging out with friends. Also, her jean vest was originally an outdated blue jean jacket, but its sleeves were cut off and then bleached to give that faded look. Jean vests are great for warm spring days and to be paired with any outfit. Of course, you do not need to go and start cutting up your jean vests now though! You can purchase your own already bleached jean vest.

This Fashionista completes her look with accessories. It seems like this Fashionista is known for always being accessorized from head to toe. Since, she is wearing a simple black choker, a gold-plated square necklace and a gold diamond studded boyfriend watch. Overall, her accessories definitely makes her outfit more refined. The black choker adds a grunge-inspired style to her casual look.

One Simple Change: Not only are jumpsuits perfect for spring, but you can also continue to wear them throughout fall. All you need to do is lose the jean vest and add a warm-colored sweater such as maroon, mustard yellow or burnt orange. Who doesn’t love an outfit you can wear in multiple seasons?