We’re nearing that time for all students in the Midwest where it’s frigid cold in the morning and unbearably warm as soon as the afternoon hits. During this short but brutal time of year, your best friend will be layers that are versatile, which is not necessarily a very easy thing to pull off.

This Fashionisto is a prime example of a student who capitalized on versatile layers and successfully mastered the art of not having to change midway through the day. By choosing a heavier flannel and wearing a T-shirt underneath, he can button the flannel up on his commute to morning class and unbutton it when he heads out for the afternoon.

At the risk of looking like a soccer mom, you could tie your second layer around your waist for the day; however, I think there are many ways around that tried and true method. Try putting a layer underneath one of your favorite flannels during this time of year and unbutton it as the day goes on and the weather gets warmer.

When you are looking to put a layer underneath your flannel for the day, try to move away from the T-shirt that is often used. This particular student used a soccer jersey, which I found to be interesting; however, I suggest just finding something other than a boring old T-shirt. I personally think a neutral slim fitting sweater or henley shirt work very well underneath a flannel. Whatever method you decide to use, I wish you luck in looking for a way to satisfy the most unpredictable time of year for the weather.

One Simple Change: Throw an overcoat on top of everything to make it work for any cold weather that arises.