Classes have ended for the day and you need to get to work. But, what about that trip to the beach you’re going to miss because you’ve managed your time poorly? What about how cute you look today? Getting your reading done for the week can be a task if you’re not multitasking. There’s only one way to spend some time outside, make sure everyone sees your outfit of the day and get a little bit of work done. You guessed it; you’ve got to lay out on the quad.

This Fashionista is not just ready to read, she’s ready to be seen!  Her mix of a crop top and maxi skirt is a chic approach to separates and allows her to be comfortable while also looking chic. While she stays cool because of her slitted crop top, she is also protecting her skin from the sun’s harsh rays with her long skirt and wide brimmed hat.

This look is functionally clever. Most Fashionistas/os might opt for denim bottoms if they anticipated rolling around on the grassy quad so they wouldn’t stain their colorful clothes, but this Fashionista is one step ahead by wearing black bottoms! The choice to wear a wide brimmed hat is also helpful because it will provide shade for her book or e-reader, eliminating any chance of a brutal glare off of the page or screen.

Cop this Fashionista’s look and tell the elements and your classes to bring it! You can look good, be prepared and be brilliant all in one chic swoop.

One Simple Change: Plan on heading from the quad to class? Want to head into the cafeteria for a smoothie or snack without freezing in the air conditioning? Add a long cardigan to this look to keep from catching a chill!