April 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

You did it. You relaxed. You refreshed. You renewed. But, now you’re back in school and those days are gone. Even though spring break is over, spring style doesn’t have to be. Transitioning from cold to warm weather can be awkward, but this Fashionista knows just how to pull it off.

This outfit shows that black works perfectly as a spring staple. Although dark colors are primarily associated with winter, it can easily be transitioned into spring. The T-shirt, leggings and sneakers scream “casual,” but the all-black coloring keeps it classy. However, the look would probably be boring if not for the chambray shirt tied around the waist. Florida weather often can’t decide if it’s winter or spring. With this outfit, you can always put the button-down on for a little extra warmth, and tie it around your waist when the temperature rises.

The best thing about this outfit is how versatile it is. You can wear it for your morning workout, and tie on the chambray shirt with some jewelry to go to class when you don’t have the time for a shower. And did I mention how comfortable it is? There’s absolutely nothing more comfortable then a pair of soft leggings. Fashion and function–what else could you ask for in an outfit?

One Simple Change: Just got out of your lab in time for dinner with friends? Try switching out the sneakers for some feminine ballet flats or a pair of heeled ankle boots. That will instantly take this look from day to night. Putting on the chambray shirt and buttoning it up will further dress up the outfit.