The city seems to have entered a defrosting period. Just a week ago temperatures were as low as negative 13 degrees Celsius, and now they are well above zero. This spring-like weather has brought out the best in students, who have taken on the campus with a swing in their step. Ditching the bulky winter jackets has proven to make a world of difference in campus fashion. With the risk of slipping on hidden ice no longer a threat to people’s dignity, they have embraced their new found liberty in footwear. The sidewalks now feature colorful, stylish soles. It’s officially time to break out that swanky pair of oxfords you bought in the middle of winter and have been wearing around the house in preparation for the warmer days.

One Fashionista embraced this seasonal high, sporting a look that is ideal for a period of transition from winter to spring. She abandoned the winter jacket and opted for a black, lightweight duster coat, which could also easily be worn on a brisker day with a bit more layering. She paired it with a gray and white striped crewneck sweatshirt.

The monochrome outfit is completed with a pair of blue trainers. This is a nice color choice—it brings some contrast to the overall look. An ideal ensemble should have a standout element. In some cases it’s jewelry or a hat, and in this particular case, it’s a comfortable pair of sneakers. The shoes also create a casual effect, to counteract the dressy aesthetic of the duster coat.

One Simple Change: Do you appreciate the relaxed feel of this look and want to rework it to suit another occasion? This outfit could smoothly transition from spring to girl’s night out ready. The first step is to exchange the runners for a pair of black heeled sandals. Finally, swap the black jeans with a pair of light blue wash jeans. With those changes, you can convert this look from spring day on campus to a night out on the town with some friends.