March 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

The first day of spring is soon approaching, and the D.C. Fashionistas couldn’t be more excited. We have styled on through the snowstorms and freezing temperatures. But, now it’s time to ditch the parkas and knee-high boots, abandon the scarves and bring out the spring appropriate attire. Anyone from the Washington, D.C. area knows the weather goes from hot, rainy and cold all in one day. So, when taking on the early stages of our spring season, you must proceed with caution.

As I took a short break from the stress of midterms to enjoy the long-awaited warm weather, I couldn’t help but notice how this Fashionista effortlessly conquered the spring weather in our area. From head to toe, I could easily see how each item of her look was combined together for total domination of this new season. The fringe of her black bralet top carelessly blew in the light spring wind like the cape of a comic book superhero as she walked by. Pairing the fringed bralet with a heather gray oversized cover-up and medium-washed, distressed blue jeans took this look to another level yet, remaining realistic to the inconsistent weather in the Nation’s Capital. As I continued to observe this Fashionista’s look, I realized what powered her confident strut, her shoes. Just like her bralette, her shoes were black and fringed. However, her velvet peep toe heels gave her a model-like appearance. To top everything off, I can’t fail to mention her bold statement necklace that adds the pop of spring color to her outfit. Without a doubt, this Fashionista is ready to fashionably take on the spring season!

One Simple Change: As the spring season kicks into full gear, the basketball season is in gear as well. If you switch your fringed heels for a pair of fringed sandals, you will take your look from just a spring outfit to a tailgate ready look in no time.