As things begin to defrost after a rough winter, we get eager to take our sundresses and high-waisted shorts out of storage. I know that during this time of year I get overly excited about warmer temperatures. I always find myself leaving the house in sandals only to freeze and regret my decision a few minutes later.

If you’re searching for a way to ease into your spring wardrobe without catching frostbite, look no farther than this Fashionista’s outfit for inspiration. Layering is the name of the game when it comes to the transitional period of early spring. In the sun, you can be perfectly content in a T-shirt, but step into the shade and you will wish you had brought your parka. This Fashionista solves that problem entirely by layering her shorts over tights and bringing a jacket and scarf along. I especially love how she dressed up a not so stylish camera bag with this patterned scarf. A simple trick like this can turn a functional necessity into a fashionable accessory.

This Fashionista’s color and pattern mixing is also incredibly on point. She opted for a basic color palette of tan and black, but spiced up the look with loud patterns and a pop of red. Mixing leopard and ikat prints is an interesting combination that, because of the subdued color palette, totally works in this outfit. This Fashionista’s look is a reminder that experimentation, creativity and taking chances with pattern mixing can really pay off.

One Simple Change: Because this look is so dependent on layering, the same pieces can transition smoothly into summer. By stripping off her sweater and tights, this Fashionista has a cute outfit for later in the year. With this simple change, there’s no shame in being an outfit repeater.