It may not be officially spring yet, but when it’s officially spring break, all I can think of is shredding my coats and heavy jackets. But transition time can be difficult, especially when it’s still cool in the morning and then becomes warm in the afternoon. So what’s a girl to do? There are two possible solutions to this dilemma: layer up and lose those layers throughout the day or not layer at all!

This Fashionista is the perfect example of just going for it and welcoming spring. From her flats to the bright top and a lightweight infinity scarf, this outfit screams spring!

I am so excited to see more skinny jeans, skirts and dresses outside as well. I don’t know about you, but everyone wearing leggings on campus is getting kind of old.

Minneapolis is a perfect place to be during spring. Our Chain of Lakes is beautiful, and everyone is starting to come out of hibernation and starting to run, bike and just hang out in the parks. Spring is probably one of my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion. There are so many style options and fun outfits one can put together. Spring also means sun dresses, sandals and shorts are just around the corner!

One Simple Change: There are so many things you can do with this look to switch it up! Throw on a stylish fitted blazer, and swap the scarf for a bright statement necklace. You have a perfect date night outfit.