WHAT TO WEAR: Sporty Chic

We all need to take a second and praise all the female athletes out there! They are constantly changing the game and reaching new heights when it comes to sports. If a girl is athletic she should show it through her outfits. By dressing this way, a girl is saying to the world that she has serious skill, but also major style as well. Women like Hope Solo, Serena Williams, Simone Biles, and many more are big names in sports and inspired me to create this outfit.

The sporty look is very easy to obtain. Especially since stores cater to all types of styles that girls love! A T-shirt dress is perfect for Fashionista athletes out there, but one with a lace-up neck is the best. Personally, I relate lace-up apparel to sports because it reminds me of shoe laces and what athlete doesn’t need shoes? Next, the bomber jacket was added to the ensemble. This particular jacket reminds me of Letterman jackets, but more fashion-forward. There are so many types of bomber jackets in stores, but the simple ones go with everything. Finally tights, boots, and a fun purse with a pom pom charm was added to dress up the look and make it fashion-forward.

To all those people who think that athletes only wear workout clothes, you are very wrong. Sporty girls can be as much of a trendsetter as anyone else. And even if you are not into sports you can still dress like you do. It will make people think you are constantly training at the gym even if you watch Netflix instead. The sporty look is not only playful but very popular for any type of girl to try!