WHAT TO WEAR: Sporty Chic for Class

Every day students everywhere are faced with the task of choosing an outfit for a day of classes on campus. There are a lot of things to consider when picking the perfect outfit. What is the weather like? How much do I have to walk? Is it going to rain later? When it comes to school, it is hard to mix comfort and style. How much sacrifice is a cute outfit really worth?

For those of us in Florida, the weather can cause enough trouble, 40 degrees for your morning class but already in the high 70s for the last class of the day. The weather here is not our friend, a rain jacket and sandals are always a must. Yet, this Fashionista kills it with her comfy yet trendy look, perfect for running around campus in any kind of weather.

It was a brisk but sunny day, this Fashionista paired a basic black, long sleeve shirt from Target with a college staple, leggings. Instead of opting for a generic black pair, she chose plum leggings with intricate detailing along the seams. The colorful leggings with mesh paneling add a fresh twist to an otherwise generic outfit.

Instead of opting for a basic sweatshirt or cardigan, this Fashionista chose a thrifted plaid shirt that she can wear around her waist to add a cool touch, or wear over her shirt for warmth. The plaid shirt allows this Fashionista versatility and looks trendy no matter the weather.

When deciding what shoes to wear, heels are an excellent option for class presentations but not optimal for a full day of classes around campus. This Fashionista finished off her look with the famous pair of Adidas sneakers. They are not only extremely comfortable but add a more sporty vibe to her overall look. The neutral color combination doesn’t compete with the leggings and flannel, yet they tie the whole look together.

Even though a long sleeve and leggings look sounds very basic, this Fashionista knew exactly how to mix it up to keep this look fresh and current. My favorite part about this look is the effortlessness and comfort this outfit provides while still looking put together and sporty.