WHAT TO WEAR: Sporty, Casual, and Cool

This Fashionista encapsulates an outfit that is sporty and effortlessly cool. Being comfortable and practical while also being stylish is something many people struggle with. However this fashionista has hit the nail on the head with this chill, stylish look. Who said being comfortable had to be Nike shorts and T-shirts? Ditch the gym attire and update your outfit, without sacrificing comfort.

For this look, she paired a skinny jean with a vintage windbreaker, both of which are black and basic. However, she accentuates this by adding a close fitting sporty beanie and classic old skool vans. These black and white pieces are the perfect basics that make the burnt orange sweatshirt underneath pop. This color looks great on almost anyone and its warm tones pair well with most outfits. Since the sweatshirt underneath is cropped, it steers the skin covering outfit away from frumpy and towards edgy with the raw hem. Also, it’s not super cropped so it works well in cold weather by keeping you warm. Basically, the entire outfit is subtle but immensely stylish.

This look is perfect for going to class in the winter months. It’s warm and comfortable, but also compliment worthy. The sneakers are comfortable to walk in and the windbreaker is great for when it rains, which is quite often in Athens. Overall, if you’re tired of going to class in a t-shirt and yoga pants and want to update your look but don’t want to feel uncomfortable, take a cue from this Fashionista.