WHAT TO WEAR: Spirit Week and Fall Weather Take Over!

As the end of Loyola University Chicago’s Family Weekend comes to an end, we may see many students roaming around with their new attire! Along with that, you may see many students starting to bundle up since it is finally fall! Some of the fashion trends that may start to pop up include some comfy long sleeves or sweaters, along with some comfortable jeans or joggers. With Welcome Week coming to an end, students have taken advantage and purchased some Loyola gear to continue to show the support they have towards their school. Chilly weather and the end of Loyola’s Family Weekend is sure to put up some good fashion trends for the next few weeks of the semester.

This particular Fashionista is wearing a Loyola maroon and gold long sleeve in order to show the amount of pride she has to be at this particular university. She goes for a trendy and comfortable look that makes her look both comfortable and stylish, while she still holds an “I’m ready to go!” type of look! This long sleeve shirt gives this Fashionista a cute look even though it is a little oversized on her. The black Vans this Fashionista is wearing really fit well with her outfit since it emphasizes the relaxed look she was looking for. The black leggings she is wearing with her outfit goes to show that this Fashionista is looking for something simple, but cute, which will allow her to be comfortable.

As the fall weather continues to progress, cute and comfortable outfits like these will continue to pop up. So why not find a way to take on some chilly weather and continue to support your school with an outfit that compliments both, just like this Fashionista did!