While crossing campus I spotted this Fashionisto baring Iowa’s bitter tundra. Now anyone that lives in a place such as the midwest knows that winters are frigid and the walk to classes can be a scenic, but long, hike. Maintaining a fashion-friendly outfit can be a task even for the most stylish Fashionista/o you know. Outfits slowly turn from cute burkas and fuzzy socks peeking out from duck boots to layering of anything that you own. Whether that layering is doubled up sweatshirts and adding a coat, multiple pairs of gloves on top of each other, or wrapping up into both you and your roommate’s wall tapestry as a shield from the wind. Okay, that last one may be a stretch but you get the point. It’s cold here in Iowa! When I saw this Fashionisto wearing a cute, yet very warm, outfit I knew I had to photograph him.

This minimalist maximized his warmth by layering a fitted long sleeve shirt under his gray crewneck, so although it wasn’t noticeable he was still kept warm. He paired it with lighter washed jeans which balanced out his dark top and dark shoes. What really got my attention were the boots he was wearing. With these fully lined black Ugg boots for men, he made sure his feet stayed toasty on his journey to class. He wore them loosely tied giving them a more rustic and relaxed look. To complete his effortless look he threw on a gray and white striped beanie to keep his ears, and our fashion blogs, going in these winter months.

In these cold winter months it becomes very easy and very smart to resort to warm clothing choices. As this minimalist shows us, it is very possible to obtain both a fashion-friendly outfit and a temperature-friendly body. A simple hat, scarf, and gloves can make a difference!