WHAT TO WEAR: Snow Days Off

I hope that wherever you are in the country you aren’t covered head to toe in snow. Most people (myself included) like to become hermits when it snows heavily, curled up in our beds with our favorite Netflix shows and cozy blankets. But in lieu of all this fresh powder, today is about how to nail your snow day look!

Self explanatory enough, the key to your snow day is a cute (but heavy) jacket. In the photos, my featured Fashionista of the month is wearing a navy down jacket with a faux fur hood. Although it is thick, it definitely adds to her wintry look all while keeping her warm. You can find one like hers from Levi’s!

The majority of her outfit consists of basic colors, mostly navy and white, with a major pop of color in her scarf. She wears a multi-colored infinity scarf that ultimately adds personality to her outfit and some more vibrancy. She wears gray faux fur lined gloves to keep her hands warm, but of course still keeps it chic by not wearing heavy mittens. Although her jeans may have been a bit soaked by the end of the day, they are a very easy go-to when trying to put together an outfit that is practical, comfortable, and cute! I am a big fan of jeans, specifically Gap and American Eagle Outfitters, as they are very affordable and comfy.

Essentially, the key to any winter look is anything you think constitutes, “comfy cute.” It is always most important to stay bundled but there are so many ways to still look fashionable and keep up with the latest trends. Here’s to hoping North Carolina leaves January’s snow behind.