February 22nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Here in New York it’s quite usual to get a random snow blizzard; on some occasions, we’ve had a beautiful 50 degree day where the sun is out and you might actually consider being outside. But then all of a sudden, a blizzard comes along and the world looks like a giant snow globe. How weird is that? As a Cali girl with little snow experience, it’s pretty odd.

For those of us that love to enjoy and experience all of the facets of snow, having the appropriate attire is essential. Often times you want something warm, waterproof, and comfortable to ensure the optimal snow experience. Lucky for us, this Fashionista has this look down.

This Fashionista is not only dressed for the winter, but she’s also incorporated great February colors in her look! She pairs the cutest cream pom-pom beanie with a pastel pink open shoulder sweater. Black leggings keep this Fashionista comfy, warm, and cozy. She added suede over-the-knee boots that give an overall element of style to the look while being practical.

To tie it all together, this Fashionista has the perfect puffer jacket to tie the whole look together. Having a jacket that protects from the chilly weather is a necessity, especially in places that experience snow. Her gray jacket is simple, cute, and has gold accents to add a bit of bling to the look.

Lesson learned: it is possible to dress for the snow and look great while doing it. Break out the coats and go build a snowman!