WHAT TO WEAR: Smart Style

October 5th, 2016 at 2:10am
WHAT TO WEAR: Smart Style

Expressing your personal style while looking professional is a challenge for young Fashionistas everywhere. Professional women are traditionally supposed to wear blazers and closed-toed shoes in the office, but in reality, we really just want to show off the Beyoncé tour shirts we just snagged.

This Fashionista found the balance that we have all been looking for. She was spotted on her way to an interview for a scholarship while wearing this sharp outfit. She is wearing a blue and white checkered cape along with gold accessories.

She added to her classic white shirt and blue skirt by pulling in a few statement pieces. The cape is so stunning and different compared to a typical blazer. Her stacked gold bracelets go together with the blues in the cape so fabulously. This Fashionista said that she wanted her look to express her personality, but still look sharp for her interview. This outfit is definitely memorable, office ready and reflects the Fashionista’s creativity .

As the weather gets colder, she will be getting a lot of use out of this cape as it is one of the upcoming trends for the fall 2016 season. In fact, she plans on wearing this outfit to her school’s career fair in a few weeks, as well, because she felt so comfortable and confident in her outfit.

The cape stands out in any setting. This Fashionista could pair the cape with a pair of leggings or dark-wash jeans with a pair of fringed booties for a more casual look as well.

For the Fashionistas heading out to interviews and career fairs, my advice to you is to wear what makes you feel like your best self. Let your personality shine through your statement pieces, but do not forget to embrace the classics. Believe in yourself, your style and your accomplishments. You will be great no matter where you are.