WHAT TO WEAR: Sleepwear

December 7th, 2016 at 2:10am

While scanning over the rows in a giant lecture hall, one can’t help but to notice the zoo of diverse styles. In the middle of the room, there is the athleisure-wearing sorority girl whose ponytail whips through the air as she smooths out her tennis skirt. In the front row, there is the sporty urban chick who is clad in a baseball jersey and a pair of adidas joggers. Lastly, tucked away in the row of seats closest to the door, there was the pajama wearing coed.

Wearing sleepwear to class is not anything new for a college student. However, this Fashionista’s twist on the classic bedroom style shows that sleepwear can be chic.

Silk has been very popular this season. It’s sultry and edgy.This Fashionista chose to step away from the contemporary silk style and approach silk from a vintage angle. The double-breasted style of the silk shirt mimics a blazer. Therefore, it gives the impression that the Fashionista is wearing an oversized blazer. Which makes the look perfect for the work place!

Cropped and unhemmed jeans became popular last season and have since poured over into this season. The style, better known as kick flare, incorporates the components of a flare jean, but cropped. Jeans like this look great with ankle and sock boots, similar to the ones that this Fashionista is wearing.

What truly makes this look cohesive is the accessories that this Fashionista chose to pair with this outfit. The neutral colored scarf, which she acquired from a thrift shop, and Zara sunglasses add gradual ease when examining the outfit.

In parting, this Fashionista recommends that you don’t be afraid to examine your grandmother’s closet; you never know what treasures you will find.