WHAT TO WEAR: Slaying the Interview

With school starting and internship interviews filling up your schedule, the last thing you want to stress about before the big day is your outfit. The hard part is over—you have the connection, you got the interview, now all you need to do is blow them away with your #rad style and killer personality. This Fashionista takes us through one of her favorite go-to interview ensembles that is sure to knock the socks off of any interviewer.

Interviews are all about confidence and showing the employer that you have what it takes to survive and thrive in the position. Employers don’t waste their time by interviewing people who aren’t qualified for the position, so stop stressing about what font your resume is in, and start focusing on how you can tailor your personal brand to fit that of the company’s. This means doing your research!

True professionals don’t just familiarize themselves with the company’s latest products and services, they delve deep into the workings of the office culture and day-to-day activities, so they can rest assured that they can hit the ground running if the interviewer offers them the job on the spot. Do your research to find out what kind of company you are interviewing for, and what sort of outfits their employees are rocking on the daily. For careers in fashion, social media is a great resource to use, so break out your best stalking skills and get to work finding your inspiration within their posts.

In this Fashionista’s case, she wants to exude confidence and maturity in her upcoming interview, so what better way to do just that than to pair some funky graphic pants with her favorite black and gold heels? The outfit started pulling itself together after determining that the focal point, or key piece, should be the pants. Because they are so bold, it is important not to pair them with competing pieces. This Fashionista decided to keep the look very minimal with a classic black scoop-neck blouse, matching gold jewelry and a slicked-back ponytail, so the pants could take center stage where they belong. The end result is a very professional, yet versatile outfit that gives her the confidence to be comfortable in her skills when her future comes knocking.

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