WHAT TO WEAR: Simply Stylish

As the weather begins to change, so does our style. If you are like me, you are obsessed with fall clothing and have been looking forward to the next best season: spring. Not only are the flowers beginning to bloom, but so is your wardrobe. This Fashionista is seen around campus as a regular style icon, and she exemplifies this title in a simple but spring-ready look. What makes this outfit even better is that it can be layered up or layered down depending on the season.

Denim, in any form, has been very popular this year. My Fashionista’s outfit shows off just another way you can wear jean for any season. In Indiana, the weather is constantly changing, especially during the spring. Some days, a warm morning will turn into a cold evening or vice versa, so a Fashionista has to always be prepared. In order to stay warm but keep cool, she has paired her denim dress with a black long sleeve top and simple black tights. This simple solution can be used with other dresses, too, as we have seen with the popular shift and T-shirt dresses. On top of her simple denim outfit she wears a black leather jacket, Mary Jane shoes, and a multi-colored scarf to tie it all together.

For the lover of denim and layered clothing, this is the perfect outfit to celebrate the changing seasons. Even though it is spring, it doesn’t mean you have to leave behind functional fall or winter clothes. Bringing the two seasons together in a simple, stylish way is the ultimate fashion hack.