WHAT TO WEAR: Simply Sophisticated

September 12th, 2016 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Simply Sophisticated

An outfit can be simple as can be, but with statement pieces you can transform your look to be much more. During the summer it’s hard to find a casual everyday style that has a mixture of dressy and casual and is efficient for wearing in hot weather. This Fashionista caught my eye as I was walking from class because she managed to capture everything in this look. One of my favorite items of this look has to be the pointed flats. I absolutely LOVE them.

This Fashionista found a way to dress up this skater dress with blush, pointed flats. Flats like these can be sported with jeans for a more casual look, trousers for a more dressed up look or even shorts and a blazer to add more of a street style look to an outfit. This Fashionista added a Louis Vuitton satchel to enhance her look. This satchel is such a stylish bag for going to class in and can be used in various ways. Her rounded black glasses add a touch of sophistication. They’re trendy and fun yet still gives off a professional look. Since the accessories are more simplistic and add soft touches, the striped skater dress adds a little fun to the look with its print.

This outfit is such a cute outfit for going to class. It’s easy to wear, a bit dressy and offers simplicity–these are major keys when it comes to putting a look together for class. This Fashionista offers a look that offers appropriation for summer, comfortability and style all in one. This outfit would be perfect for work, class or a cute lunch date.

Getting cool out? No problem. If you’re still sticking to a dressier look, a cute blazer will make this look even more gorgeous. If you’re going for a more casual look, a denim jacket leaves you feeling comfortable and casual.