WHAT TO WEAR: Simple is the New Smart

Hi Fashionista/os! Hope everyone has a terrific month so far and a smooth transition into the gusty fall. When running to class becomes the daily trend of your life, creating a simple but impressive look to start off the day is a great way to show your smarts outsides academic life. You might think that “less is more” has been overused and has become cliché in the fashion world. However, I can’t empathize more how much effort you are going to save while looking impressively good. Keeping it simple is your new tactics, especially when going to class.

This Fashionisto’s minimalism showed in his style first caught my eyes among a crowd of energetic and ambitious students in the school of business. Nothing could be simpler than any element of his outfit, but it is the simplicity that left a deep impression on me. A navy coat, white shirt, black pants and possibly a pair of slip-on sneakers might be the most ordinary must-have items in your wardrobe, but you wouldn’t imagine how their timeless power can make you stand out from the crowd effortlessly. A perfectly-fit overcoat with the classic navy gives everything you could ask for in this in-between weather—versatility, modesty and comfort. Wearing a white shirt to layer the coat is a smart way to prepare yourself for all the unexpected opportunities and challenges in business school. You won’t look too dressed up for class, but whenever some special occasion comes up without notice, you can keep your cool and already have your business causal on you. Last but not least, before the street is carpeted with sloppy snow, catch up the last several weeks of styling with your slip-on sneakers. Their unlimited possibilities of matching with different styles will keep surprising you.

Overall, his look best demonstrates that being simple should be your new smart. His style keeps up with his personality and fits for this enchanting season. It is subtle but poised, modest but conspicuous, simple but impressive.

If you are still struggling what to wear for class tomorrow, give yourself a break (I am sure that you already have enough coursework to worry about) and put together the simplest pieces that you can name. Maybe you will be surprised!