WHAT TO WEAR: Simple Comfort

College life is basically a routine and always moving forward. Everyday, you wake up early in the morning and rush to class, leaving you only a few hours afterwards to get everything done before the day is over. Unfortunately for most Fashionistas, there isn’t really enough time in the morning to put together the perfect outfit. We usually end up stuck in the “I just rolled out of bed” look or something close to it.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Okay, we all have our days where we feel like Beyoncé but wearing a glittery bodysuit is definitely not the appropriate or comfortable outfit for class. Although you might look fabulous, you will be guaranteed to get heads turning for all the wrong reasons.

Simplicity is key. You do not have to wear an over-the-top outfit because one, it’s just class, and two, it’s just plain uncomfortable—which is why I love this outfit so much! The black, long sleeve T-shirt is an item we can all easily pull out of our closets. The comfort level of this item is also a big plus. The temperature has been unpredictable lately, so it is great to have a jacket handy as well. The amazing thing is that if you don’t need it, you can tie it around your waist and be hands free and still look cool.

Another comfy option is jeans. Nowadays, the go-to is leggings, but wearing jeans can make the outfit seem a little more put-together. Trust me, I have gotten looks for wearing jeans to class because it looks like I actually put a lot of effort into what I’m wearing, but it really takes all of two seconds to pick out a pair of jeans. Definitely do not be afraid to incorporate jeans every once in a while.

Lastly, the bling! Michael Kors once said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” Accessories, for both girls and guys, can take a simple outfit to the next level. In this case, a set of rings, a purse, and a pair of large sunglasses helped tie the entire look together.

Now that you know comfort equals style and doesn’t have to be time consuming to pick out, you have more options on how to be a Fashionista when you are on the go!