WHAT TO WEAR: Simple and Practical

Anyone who has been through college knows the struggle of having huge gaps between classes. What are you supposed to do with your time? It’s the beginning of the semester there isn’t much homework or studying to do yet, so all of that is out. Living in Southern California and attending CSULB there are so many cute restaurants and cafes to go to that are close to campus. Grabbing a bite with a friend is the perfect way to pass time between classes.

On campus in the morning it is pretty cold for us SoCal people who aren’t used to cold weather. By the middle of the day it’s a good 65-70 degrees, which is decently warm. I spotted this Fashionista when I was at lunch with a friend in between classes. She had on a soft cotton T-shirt from Banana Republic, denim from G-stage, boots from Macys, and sunnies from Quay Australia. She as well had been on campus all day since 8 a.m. and I thought her outfit was perfect. She dressed for the morning chill with her denim and boots, and for the mid day warm up she had her lightweight cotton T-shirt with her adorable sunnies. A very well balanced outfit for the long day at school!

At the end of the day all anyone wants to be is comfortable when they are at school. It’s always a good idea to check the weather to plan accordingly. Planning your outfit to match the ever-changing weather is the perfect way to stay comfy and satisfied when your days are long.