WHAT TO WEAR: Shop ‘Til You Drop

Seattle during the holidays means everyone is out shopping, whether that’s buying last minute gifts or spending all of the money and gift cards they received from family members and friends. Either way, everyone is always out at shopping centers this time of year. As I was finishing up last minute Christmas shopping, I was also scouting out people with fun and simple styles. Everyone around me was as frantic as I was looking for the perfect gifts which meant they weren’t wearing a skin tight dress with seven inch heels because that’s just not logical while running around from store to store. Most people want to be cute and trendy but comfortable at the same time.

This Fashionista was dressed perfectly for shopping all day long. She is wearing a long brown military style jacket. This was the piece that really caught my eye. The jacket is something I could see myself wearing all of the time as a layering piece and that’s exactly how she was wearing it! Under her jacket she is wearing a simple black bodysuit! I love her idea of black and brown together. Most people stay clear of putting black and brown together because they think it will clash, but I think she did a great job of putting these two colors together. She’s also wearing a medium wash denim jean with a black leather bootie. And to make this look cozy and a little less put together, she threw her hair up in a low messy bun and had very natural and simple makeup on.

All of the pieces she’s wearing are super simple and basic items that everyone should have in their closets. Her items are easy to mix and match with a ton of other clothes. This outfit would look great on anyone’s skin tone because they’re all very neutral pieces. Her short booties are also not too tall or uncomfortable to go shopping all day in. They give her a little bit more length in her legs and the heel is comfortable to walk in! Her jacket is also not too heavy or too light to go shopping in. We all know that stores in the winter time are extremely hot but then you walk outside and it’s very chilly. With this piece she won’t be too cold outside, but she also wont be sweating inside the store.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect outfit to shop ‘til you drop in the winter time in. It’s the perfect mix of comfortable but stylish at the same time!