WHAT TO WEAR: Shoot To Kill

Fashion is never something that should not take a break: it enhances, it elevates, its spices up your day. It speaks in a silent voice, telling others around you where you are going and that you should be there too. On the other hand, it should be practical. I mean, you would never wear heels when going on a hike, right?

When I first met this Fashionisto, it was at the first open practice for the Virginia Tech Clay Target Team. Coming to the practice full of excitement and intimidation, I forgot the idea that dressing for gumption was equally as crucial. My suede jacket was soon dishelved, and my stark white tennis shoes were quickly muddied–I still haven’t gotten all the dirt off of them. In a sea of camouflage, burnt orange, cowboy boots, and light wash jeans, I was the outlier. Then, I caught glance at this Fashionisto, and I thought, “He must be in the wrong place. Where’s the camo?” Not only did I come to find out that he is a great shot, but he also has a great sense of style. As a firm believer in the comfort and fashion marriage, he lives in button-downs, clean-cut sweaters, and leather shoes. He’s always ready for whatever his busy schedule throws at him.

Shooting practice can be a difficult place to try out the latest spring fashion trends. However, just because you can’t wear faux fur and a choker, doesn’t mean you can’t look trendy and chic. Even I struggle to balance comfort and warmth with fashion when shooting, but this Fashionisto knows how it’s done. The first and most important thing is safety.  Next, think about the conditions: will it be muddy, will it be cold, will it be raining, and what can I wear that will create perfect harmony with these questions, while not straying from my fashion morale. A great pair of boots is key, whether they are a cute pair cowboy boots or a stylish leather pair, but make sure they are comfortable to walk in stand still in! Baseball caps, not only keep the sun out of your eyes while shooting, but they also make a great standout accessory. One way you can stay stylish while shooting is layering. Layers show depth to your outfit, but also allow you to be comfortable and ready for whatever the weather has to offer. A lightweight raincoat or jacket will keep you on your toes; you can either invest in a quirky pattern to standout on the field, or you can fly your school colors (go Hokies). A casual, yet well-made wool sweater will add the right amount of polish while layered underneath your stylish outfit.

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Whether you are trying something new, going on a romantic range date, or trying out for your local clay target team, you should show up ,guns loaded, and ready to kill the fashion game.