WHAT TO WEAR: Shining Starman Style

It has been a year since beloved David Bowie passed away. Everyone, young and old, mourned his passing. His life and work had really resonated with generations beyond his own which is why he will always be remembered. And even if you didn’t know who he was, you surely remembered the amazing last scene of the movie, Perks of Being A Wallflower, where the song “Heroes” plays as they ride into the future.

Myself being a huge fan of the musician and artist that Bowie was, I was immediately drawn to this Fashionisto walking around campus. This graphic T-shirt displaying one of the most iconic shots of the Starman himself was eye catching. He paired it with some washed out black pants, black Converse, and wayfarers sunglasses as a way to really allow the shirt to shine through. While the outfit as a whole was casual, the shirt was what really pulled it together, elevating the whole thing to a new level.

This outfit is flexible when it comes to where this Fashionisto could be going. It is great for being in class then heading to study or hanging out with friends. Something that seems to be a staple for guys in college is sweatpants because as they say “they’re comfortable,” but this Fashionisto proves them wrong by looking good and still being comfortable. It’s just about thinking outside the box and throwing those sweatpants away.

This outfit is great for any person of any gender because of its simplicity. Some people might make the jeans tighter to highlight their assets while others would keep the original looseness of the jean shown here.

One thing for sure is, no matter the time or place this outfit really turns heads.