WHAT TO WEAR: She Got The Job!

WHAT TO WEAR: She Got The Job!

What’s up fellow Fashionistas? This week some great news came chez-moi: my sister got offered a great internship spot at Procter & Gamble! After a pretty long process through which many candidates are rejected she was told she’d gotten in, but they wanted her to show up at the factory so they could make it official. Truth be told, even though it’s a very selective process I always knew she’d make it. She’s smart, proactive and multi-talented so for me it wasn’t a question of whether they’d want her or not, but rather when they would tell her.

Finally the day had come and along with it, the issue of what to wear! This time it wasn’t such a formal occasion but she wasn’t about to show up in her gym clothes either! In addition to that the Gillette factory has some pretty strict safety rules so one can’t go in wearing heels or open-toe shoes. The people who work there usually wear jeans, a black uniform polo and safety boots. However, a little style never hurts when one wants to go in with confidence.

The outfit she decided to wear is in my opinion something that works very well for the occasion. Cute and somewhat formal but comfy and with personality. Even though it’s winter, the weather here is very warm most days, including this one. Therefore, a light white blouse was very suitable. Black leggings are the norm and along with a pair of blue loafers, she was approved both by the security guys and the Fashion Police!

Maybe we’re not dealing with a “Say Yes to the Dress” situation but after all, they said yes to the intern! I hope great companies keep saying yes to all of the talented Fashionistas out there! Wish you all the best.

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