WHAT TO WEAR: Serving (Presentation) Looks

Hey there fellow fashion lovers!

College brings out a lot of dressing up for most, usually for presentations, interviews, internships, etc. At the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising San Francisco, where I go to school, and across other Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising campuses presentations are big part of pretty much every class throughout the quarter. Although dressing up is usually just a requirement for final presentations. It is simply something that can’t be avoided!

Sometimes it is a bit hard to determine exactly how to dress up for a presentation. Especially when there are group projects, there can can be some confusion on how much to dress up. You do not want to be under dressed compared to the rest of the group but at the same time you do not wish to be over dressed in comparison either. In most cases, I think that it is always better to do more than do less.

This Fashionista perfectly showcases a dressed up look for a final presentation.

She wore a cool black pair of skinny trousers which accentuated her tall figure. This Fashionista wore a very on-trend black velvet tank with a furry long cardigan. She paired it with some heeled leather booties. In order to add some sparkle a rhinestone necklace was worn to complete the look. Chokers and collar necklaces are really in right now so this was an awesome way to finish off the look.

There you have it, a quick guide of what to wear for any dressed up event you might have to tackle.