WHAT TO WEAR: Season Neutral

One of the most annoying challenges in life is dealing with the weather. Currently, Midwest Fashionistas know what I am talking about. It will be sunny and 70 degrees one day, and then a windy snowstorm and 20 degrees the next. With many of the spring/summer runway shows already underway, Fashionistas are eager to start wearing the new spring trends. However, with the ever-changing weather, we still need to hold onto our cold weather pieces.

Here is a Fashionista who knows how to style herself for the season but also for the weather. Her houndstooth coat is a classic, and she keeps it season neutral with black and white. The fur detail on the trim gives it a more sophisticated vibe. Her top is a simple ribbed knit, white turtleneck. The silhouette reflects the winter season but hints at the upcoming spring season with the bright white color. Her suede boots are knee-high with a small heel. Their tan color complements the coat and the sweater, tying the two pieces together.

This look is a great way to stay season neutral when the weather is unexpected or when we are in the transitional months. Keep the outfit simple with only neutral and traditional colors and stay away with any loud or seasonal prints. Houndstooth is a classic, and by keeping the color black and white, it works. The weather will always be unpredictable, but by mixing and simple silhouettes and colors from different seasons, you will always look fabulous.