WHAT TO WEAR: School Is in the Air

“Make it simple, but significant”, is a quote everyone should live by when it comes to their college fashion. A simple addition of an accessory to an outfit makes all the difference!

Who really wants to flaunt around from class to class in suits and dresses, when you could strive for a business casual type of look? I hope you can tell by now, that I love the ability we have in this generation that allows us to experiment with colors and smaller statement pieces. Just by going on the realm and adding a piece to one of your favorite worn pieces, will help make a significant statement, without wearing your best in your closet. This Fashionisto does just that by adding various bold pieces to his outfit, that complements the radiant blue in his button-down. I love how this Fashionisto kept things formal, yet casual which expresses his confident, assertive vibe throughout the campus.

For many, it is hard to turn something old and make it look and most importantly, feel new. This Fashionisto added a new accessory to his look, such as his golden brown shoes, watch and belt. The choice of wearing the vibrant patterned socks give his look another kick that hints at his silent confidence. These choices in accessories help achieve a fresh new look to his outfit which will make anyone look and feel poised throughout their day, even in the most subtle of ways.

Overall, this Fashionisto did a great job keeping his outfit well-rounded with the blue and brown combination and a personal twist of a colorful accessory.